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    • Brookie Brows
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    Brookie Brows

    Exclusively available at Brooklyn Beauty Bar, Brookie Brows are a detailed brow sculpting technique developed by founder Brooke Jesberg over the past 18 years. The exciting difference of Brookie Brows to other brow shaping techniques is the requirement for a Brookie Brow - Master Artist to be highly skilled in all facets of brows artistry.

    • Dermal Cocktails
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    Dermal Cocktails

    Exclusive to Brooklyn Beauty Bar, Dermal Cocktails are a revolutionary treatment of skin-needling combined with highly concentrated serums, deeply penetrated into the skin for next level transformative results.

    • VolumeBlend
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    Exclusively at Brooklyn Beauty Bar, VolumeBlend Lash Extensions are the perfect mix of individual and hand made 2D lashes. VolumeBlend lashes are designed to be the most noticeable lashes whilst still looking natural enough to be your own.

    • ProMani and BuilderMani
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    ProMani is a protein and keratin infused manicure with a secret layer for added nail strength and flexibility.


    Looking for the longevity of SNS but not wanting the bulky, stiff feel? Then BuilderMani is for you.