Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Hair Removal

  • Waxing

    Our expert technicians are trained to remove hair carefully through multiple techniques adapted to skin area and type. Our unique waxing techniques are designed to give you the least-pain, quick and thorough waxing results. For the most sensitive skin, we ensure gentle hair removal to calm inflammation and nourish those areas.

  • Threading

    The “New” but “Old” technique of hair removal. Threading is a more gentle form of hair removal for your skin. Threading to the lip, chin and face has added benefits of accuracy, no chemicals and longer lasting results.

  • Super Hair Removal (IPL)

    Our latest technology of Super Hair Removal brings speed and comfort to treatments, achievable for IPL. This technology makes full body hair reduction fast and effective. One of the unique features of SHR is the opportunity to treat even dark skin types, which historically have been very problematic. This procedure is fast and produces amazing results.