Brooklyn Beauty Bar

Lifelong Customers

We love the relationships we build with our customers at our beauty salon.
We aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience on your next appointment and build a relationship with you to last a lifetime.

We work to achieve this in two ways.

Service Quality

All of our services are guaranteed (7-10 days depending on the service). If you walk away from your treatment not completely satisfied please call us to arrange a time for us to get you back in ASAP. Some clients may prefer not to say anything, but this is not a hassle at all. We deem it unacceptable for you to be anything less than 100% satisfied at Brisbane's best beauty salon.


Brooklyn Beauty Bar is proudly an inclusive environment that is welcoming for all ages and backgrounds. The practice of mutual respect is expected for both clients and staff, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty salon's environment.