Brooklyn Beauty Bar


  • Classic Lashes Extensions

    Whether your looking for a little more of an opened-eyed effect or just fuller lashes, Lash Extensions can give you the look you are after. With a single synthetic lash attached to your nature lash, this is the perfect treatment for someone wanting to look natural but amazing.

  • Lash Lifting

    A modern version of the classic lash perm. Instead of curling lashes back, the Lash Lift will elevate your lashes upwards making your lashes look longer. Your eyes will look bigger, more open and lifted. This is a very popular option for anyone wanting low maintenance lash enhancing and can last up to 6 weeks.

  • Russian Lash Extensions

    This set is for those who want to be noticed. The Russians were the first to invent the technique called 3D+ Russian Volume. They transform your sparse lashes into a luscious dramatic fullness that other extensions are not able to achieve. This method of applying 3 or more extremely thin, soft, light and high quality fan extensions onto one natural lash is unique and will ensure that your natural lashes stay healthy as well as dramatic and full volumed.

  • Lash Tinting

    If you hate fussing with mascara every day, then you no longer need to, tint those luscious lashes instead. Using a safe specially formulated dye, your lashes can be tinted black or dark brown. Great for swimmers and holidaying.