Brooklyn Beauty Bar


  • Glow and Go Facial

    The ultimate escape from the city for 30 minutes, our Glow and Go Facial will have your skin and soul rejuvenated within your lunch break. Exposure to the sun, lack of sleep and stress can result in dull skin, lacking vitality and luminosity. This intensive facial is individually tailored to naturally improve the condition of your skin and enhance its appearance. This express facial consists of a double cleanse, double exfoliant, treatment mask and moisture protectant. To gain maximum benefits, regular facials are recommended at least once a month.

  • Collagen Simulation

    This amazing treatment is a combination of a collagen cream facial with IPL Skin rejuvenation technology. Created to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, brightening dull skin, making pores thinner and ideal for thick skin texture. Collagen enhanced skin will get its tonus back to significantly improving its cutaneous relaxation. Wrinkles and aging lines will be lifted, skin texture will become thinner giving a brighter face tone. The skin will be rejuvenated and repaired with a younger aspect. The results will be visible from the first month and will progressively improve.

  • Herbal Peel

    Herbal Aktiv Peel® is a plant-based corrective skin resurfacing treatment that supports and promotes the skin’s natural regenerative processes. It is designed to compress the process of skin renewal into 5 days, visibly improving the appearance of a host of skin conditions. The skin’s barrier is never compromised or exposed to microbial infection, resulting in minimal trauma and a very safe procedure. The medically proven formula contains no synthetic chemicals or acids and is suitable for most skin types and conditions.